Your Printer printing speed is slow and want to match speed like New printer printing speed. Then, you are in right track, because no printer owner want to wait from Printer side while printing any Paper.

5 ways to Speed up your Printer – Solve your How to Speed up your Printer question

There are 5 tips and tricks that help to boost your Printer performance and convert Printer slow printing speed into fast printing speed. These tricks definitely kick up your paper print speed.


Your Printer might take so much time to print a Paper because due to high quality selection. You can use low quality or standard quality paper while printing normal printer job in your home as well in your office. So, Printing paper in best quality always-slow speed of printer.

By clicking on Devices & Printer, select your print model by mouse, right click on picture and select Printer preferences. Select Plain paper in Paper type and select standard from all 4-quality options from your Printer. Always you have to make sure that standard quality is selected in your Printer setting.

  1. 1. By reducing high paper print quality to standard quality, you speed up Printer.

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  1. 2. Wireless Connection:- Close together both Router and Printer increase Speed.

    • While using printer on Wireless connection or WIFI network can decrease printing speed of your Printer.
    • Move both Router and printer close together. In this way signal strength of Wi-Fi connection will be increased.
    • You can also restart your router by taking out its cable and start again after plugging cable into router. From this way your Printer print speed can increase and your question is solved that is How to speed up your Printer?
  2. 3. Always remain updated with your Printer New Driver

  3. 4. You can add RAM to your Printers.

While using printer on Wireless connection or WIFI network can decrease printing speed of your Printer.

You have to always remain updated with new your Printer, because new Printer Driver is helps to solve slow Printing problem because companies like HP, Canon, Brother and Samsung always fixes old glitches and bugs from Drivers.

By adding RAM in your Printer, you can give space to Printer and that is why Printer can get some more space in Printing. That is why if you are using high end Printer than you have to definitely use RAM to sort out your Printer speed problem.

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By turning on and off your Printer, can resetting your Printing setting and helps to recover from work load. So, unplug your Printer power cord from source can increase speed 2x.

  1. 5. Disconnecting your Printer power cord can increase printing speed.

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