Is your HP Envy printer 4500 often get offline even though it is online? And you don’t know how to get it back online. You might be thinking why does your HP printer go offline? What are the reasons?

This regular problem can make you irritate and frustrate altogether. Well, don’t panic because in this article we will teach you how you can make this error go using several ways. You can try every single method as they are reliable and good to go with.

 But before going to the solution let’s understand why your HP Envy 4500 printer keep on going offline?

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Why my HP Envy 4500 printer is says offline

There can be any reason why your HP Envy 4500 printer goes offline. The reasons are – ink cartridges, network issues, machine not connected to printer, defective drivers and many more other reasons. However, using some troubleshooting measures can help you cope up with this problem very easily.

Here are some solid reasons why your HP envy 4500 printer says offline message on your computer screen.

  • Printer Installation is incomplete
  • Your Printer drivers are not updated.
  • Loose link to machinery.
  • Your computer is not mounted as a default printer.
  • Update your firmware.

Steps To Bring HP Printer Online from Offline

Here, we have listed some solutions which you have to follow step by step to fix your offline issue.

Solution 1:

  • Check your router to see its working or not.
  • Check whether your machine and printer are connected to the wireless network or not.
  • Now, disconnect the linked wires connecting printer to the network.
  • Wait for few seconds and reconnect them.
  • Check your printer’s power cord to see whether its working properly or not.
  • Now, disconnect the power cords, wait for some time and reconnect them.
  • Switch on your printer.

Now, try to print a test document.

Solution 2: Change Printer Settings

  • Click on the tools and printers’ option from the start menu.
  • Select your printer and right click on it.
  • Click on the option see what’s printing.
  • You have to press the option use printer offline, delete the check from the checkbox present on your screen.

Wait for sometime because in this meantime your HP Envy 4500 printer will start printing the documents hassle free and will not show you offline error anymore.

Solution 3: Restart the Printer Spooler service

If your error still persists you can check your printer settings. Once you check them, you can restart the printer spooler when you receive the offline printer alert.

  • Click windows key + R on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • Enter the services. MSc option and press enter in the command box.
  • Select your printer spooler once the window is open
  • Press right click.
  • Now, select the reboot option from the given drop-down menu.

You have to quickly restart your printer spooler to correct the offline HP Envy 4500 Printer.

Solution 4: Reinstall Your HP Printer Driver

There is high chance that your printer driver is having issues that is why your printer is showing you offline error.  You can follow the steps written below:

  • Open the drivers and printers’ option from the control panel.
  • Find and then select your printer.
  • Right click to open the drop-down menu and select the delete computer button.
  • And when you see the dialogue box, click the confirmation button.

Once you perform the above written steps, your printer driver will be deleted from your machine. And in order to use the printing service again you have to reinstall the printer that too latest version as per your model number.

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