With a single click you can print all the necessary documents making your work easy. Today, printers are used almost in every sector and industry. Printers are now used for personal reasons as well. Thus, it proves the increasing use of printers in this century. These machines might make your work easier but they are themselves very complex. Even today many people search for HP Printer Repair near me because they are not aware of how to resolve them.

But today in this blog we will tell you what to do if another computer is using your printer or showing its error?

Let’s start our learning step by step –

The reason behind such error is mostly technical. But don’t worry we are here to solve it. Here are two steps you can perform in order to remove this error.

Step 1: Resetting Print Spooler Service

Spooler service of a printer is a software program. It is responsible for managing all the print documents to the computer. This spooler service is visible to users. You can even cancel the printing job of your printer using spooler service. Also, you can manage the printing of documents which are lined up next for printing.

Here are some steps which can use restart the spooler service. Steps are as follows:

  • Press on window and R button altogether to Run application.
  • Now, type services. MSc in the dialogue box and press enter.
  • Double click on the printer spooler to open its properties.
  • Now, click on the stop button and press ok to save changes.
  • Now, the service is disabled so we can focus on deleting printer files.
  • Click on the windows + E to launch the quick access.
  • Now, click on the PC button present in the navigation panel.

Here are some steps to navigate the path:

  • Permission might be required to access the folder. If it prompted press continue.
  • Once you open the folder, click on delete all button and delete all files.

Now, restart your computer and check whether the printer connects correctly or not.

Step 2: A Full Power Cycle

Another step to remove this error is to power cycling your computer, printer, and your Wi-Fi. Power cycling is a method of turning off a particular device completely and then restarting it again. When you use power cycling method in electronic devices, the device reset its set of configurations and come back from unresponsive state. This power cycling method also reset all the network configurations (the configuration takes place because they all get lost when you switch off the machine).

Once, you switch off the Wi-Fi, your printer and your computers then you have to take out the main power cable as well. After plugging out the main power supply you have to wait for few minutes to let it stay idle.

After sometime you can plug in all the cables, turn all your devices on, and try reconnecting them.

If by any chance, you face the same issue then, you can either contact HP Printer Repair near me or you can call on this toll free number +1(877) 894-5316.

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