When your printer stops printing due to any reason is more frustrating than any other problem when it comes to work and its priority. The reasons are many but out of all the worst one is when you are facing the connectivity issues.

Well, no matter how it happens, why it is not connecting or why the printer is not shoeing online status? The easiest way to reconnect the printer is to restart the router by unplugging all its cables and cords and waiting for 10 seconds and then reconnect them all and turn on the router.

Now, press the wireless button on turn the wireless capability off and then switch it on again. Wait for sometime till your HP printer to reconnect to your router.

If you want you can either contact the toll-free number +1(877) 894-5316 or you can search for the Printer Repair Maryland.     

Moving forward, let’s learn the methods to connect the HP printer properly to Wi-Fi.                         

  1. Reconnecting Your HP Wireless Printer to a New Router -

If your router is not working properly then it’s time to replace it with the new one. You can contact the router company and get the new one.

  1. Connecting Your HP Wireless Printer to a New Router, how it’s Done -
  • The first step is to reconnect the HP wireless printer to a new router.
  • Hit the right arrow key on the touchscreen interface of your HP printer to click setup.
  • The icon is represented by a graphic of a wrench and gear.
  • Now, you have to represent with the setup menu from which you have to click on the network. You will notice another screen will open with another menu.
  • You have to click on the wireless setup wizard.
  • On the new screen you have to enter your SSID to continue the process. You will notice that your SSID will be followed by your WEP/WPA passphrase.
  • Click on the done option.
  • Now, click on the ok to confirm your selections.
  • On the screen you will notice if you would like to print a wireless report. If you do not want to print then you can skip it and close the menu on the screen.

Also, these steps would be unnecessary if you retain the same SSID and network information used by previous router when you have to install the new one. And, if you wish to keep the same network setting then your HP printer would be automatically connecting your network once the new router is up and running.

And, if still doesn’t work then you can take the help from the HP support or you can search for HP Printer Repair near me. For a good assistance you can even contact the toll-free number +1(877) 894-5316.

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