With latest technology every machine is becoming multi-tasking. Same goes with printers. Printers with scanners are come quite handy and made your work a lot easier. But sometimes, the scanner accidentally stops working. And, all the work such as:

  • Scanning a document for copying
  • Scanning a document into your computer for editing
  • Print a fax or other document

The MFP (multi-tasking printers) saves a lot of cost and maintenance money, electricity bill and replacements.

Here we have mentioned various ways:

  1. Troubleshooting Your Windows Device -

Windows offer some troubleshooting methods, which can help you eradicating the scanner issues.

You have to type troubleshoot in the search window and then you have to select your printer from the given options.

Or by clicking on the printer icon you can directly go to printing problem solution.

Now, click on the button to run the troubleshooter.

This window troubleshooter will guide you with each and every step to help you find the problem with your scanner.

If your scanner starts working then there is nothing to worry about. And, if the scanner doesn’t work then you can move to other option or you can search the HP printer services near me.

You can also search for Printer Repair services in Biloxi as per your feasibility.

  1. Updating the Driver for Your Scanner -

As per the reports, updating the driver can also resolve the issue of problematic scanner. Updating your scanner can be done in many ways:

  • You have to use Windows Update.
  • Now, type “Windows Update” and click on the Windows Update program.
  • Click the option in Windows Update to Check for updates
  • Now, use the device manger to check scanner software.

Alternative Method:


  • You have to use device manager to check the driver for an individual device.
  • Now, start by typing device manager in the search box.
  • And, click the device manager program.

The list displayed will show you your scanner’s name. You have to select your device and right-click it to open the option to update the driver software.

You will also get the option to search automatically for the most suitable driver. Select the option of search automatically. This will allow windows to search Microsoft’s software registry to get the best driver.

  1. Other Steps When Your Scanner Doesn’t Work -

If you have anti-virus function then make sure the application’s detection database is always updated.

The next step is that you have to run a complete scan of your system.

The above step will remove the unwanted elements which can cause the problems in near future.

And, if your scanner is connected with USB then you must try another cable or a different USB port.

Now, you have to check the scanner glass. If it is dirty or have other foreign particles then this can also result in scanning issues.

Also, make sure that there is no error message on the scanner panel, which indicates towards the hardware problem.

If your scanner doesn’t work and is connected to a laptop then you must try to make some changes in the power options by following the steps written below:

Now, you have to type power saver into the windows, then select the option to choose a perfect power plan.

You should choose the option for power saver and take the option to choose a power plan.

Now, select the power saver options.

There is no confirmation that it will work for resolving your scanner issue but there are also chances that it might not work.

If the issue still persists then you can search for Printer Support in Hawaii.


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