Your Printer is showing Offline signal and you want to take your Printer from offline to online. Because you do not want to see “printer offline” message while printing any document or any other printer job. You definitely able to solve your “Why does my printer keep going offline?” after reading this IT Advises blog.

Printer offline occurs due to various problems like error between your computer (laptop) and the Printer, your laptop and printer cannot able to communicate with your PC in any mode. Anyway, if your Printer cannot able to connect with your PC (laptop) than, you can see Printer Offline Message in screen or lights will be blinking continuously from your Printer.

Why does my printer keep going offline?


5 ways to make my Printer offline mode to online mode through simple Printer troubleshooting solutions.


There are 5 tips and tricks that help to boost your Printer performance and convert Printer slow printing speed into fast printing speed. These tricks definitely kick up your paper print speed.

Check both ends of USB Cable that is inserted into Printer panel. If you are using wireless connection in your Printer, than make sure Wi-Fi is connected with router. Based upon various printer Offline problem cable checking or connection can sort out Printer offline problem

  1. 1. Check cable connection of Printer.

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See ‘What’s printing’ button in Control Panel of Devices and Printers folders. Right click and check any print job is present or not. If you see any print job is present then, cancel every Print jobs. Because these pending print jobs is responsible for “Printer Offline” error.

If you are using Wireless connection, than make sure your Printer and PC is connected with the same Wi-Fi network. Offline problem is always happen in Wireless Printer than USB connected Printer because of different IP address most of time Printer gone offline.

Try to remove your Printer and reinstalled it from the Devices and Printer folder. Right click on your HP, Canon, Brother, Samsung or Xerox Printer from (Devices and Printer) folder and select “remove device”. Wait for 5 minute, now again add Printer option from Device and Printer folder. This remove and uninstalling printer definitely help to your came back your printer in Offline mode into Online mode.

  1. 2. Print Queue Problem

  2. 3. Wi-Fi Problem

  3. 4. Remove and reinstall your Printer Drivers

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Try to restart your Printer by turning off button in your Printer and take out cable for 1 minute. After 1 minute again plug Printer cable into electricity board and turn on your Printer.

  1. 5. Turn off your Printer

    • You can also press the ink charging button in your Printer and wait 10 minute while processing your printer ink as well resetting print quality. This ink charge technique definitely make your Printer online and get you out from going offline situations.
    • You can also right click on “use printer online” button from selecting your Printer name from devices and printer folder. Cancel all other queue from print menu and solve your Printer going offline situations.

Hope these Blog steps helps to solve your Printer Offline error and bring your Printer in Offline Mode. IT Advises Troubleshooting guides always able to solve Printer problems without visited by any Printer Technicians. Like always, you can also call to get virtual support from our IT Advises Technicians by calling on this Toll Free Phone Number +1(877) 894-5316. You can visit Home page of IT advises to know more about Blogs.

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