Want to print a document without and you do not USB cable for your printer, want to print a document directly from your phone, want to print a document and you do not have enough space for Printer. In above 3 cases a Wi-Fi connectivity Printer definitely sort out your work. This Wi-Fi connectivity printer does not need any USB cable, space and you can directly print from your phone or tablet without storing file first on Computer and then command give Print command.

We will answer why does your Printer not connected to WiFi Connections question & how can you able to connect Wi-Fi to your Printer?

However, if your Printer does not able to connect with Wi-Fi connection than, what will be the trouble shooting guide for this Wi-Fi connected Printers.

9 ways you able to connect your Printer to Wi-Fi or wireless connections without getting any Printer Technician help.

This troubleshoot help to recover your Printer Wi-Fi Connections. We are going to cover 9 easy steps that will definitely fix your Printer errors.

Yes, your Printer and Laptop have to connect with Same Wireless connection or same IP Network address. So, disconnect one device or another from another Wi-Fi source and connect with same Wi-Fi network name.

So, make your Printer a default Printer device in “devices and printer” from “Hardware and Sound” option in Control Panel from your Window Laptop or Computer. By right clicking on your Printer, there is an option that called as “set a default printer”.

Yes, by unplugging Printer and all its cable, Wireless connections and its entire adapter, unplug Laptop connectivity with Printer and Wireless connection able to solve your Wi-Fi connectivity problem.

Go to your Printer settings and try to remove it, by right clicking on it “remove device” in your PC or Laptop. Then, reinstalling your HP, Canon, Brother, Brother, Xerox and Epson Printers from “Printer & Scanners” buttons and click on “add Printer” and try to out your Printer name. After that, Click on add device.

  1. 1. Check your Computer, laptop (window-7 & window-10) and Printer have same Wi-Fi connection

  2. 2. Set your Printing paper (printer) as a default Printer from the settings.

  3. 3. By unplugging all devices from power board

  4. 4. By removing and reinstalling Printer Drivers

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By running printer troubleshooter, you definitely able to fix printer related problems in minimum time. By right clicking on your Printer device, you will find ‘troubleshoot’ option and click on that option, your printer start to figure out Printing and Wi-Fi errors.

Sometimes VPN start to restrict printing of a printer through its security and privacy. So, if you login into any VPN’s then try to disconnect it and try to print printing paper from your Printer.

Try to update latest driver in your Printer, if your Printer Driver are getting old. Sometimes Printer Company provides you a software that definitely updated with your version. So, go on your Printer provider website and download from their website. Try to reinstalling these new Drivers and you definitely see a magic, if your Printer driver are, get old.

  1. 5. By running the Printing troubleshooter.

  2. 6. By Disabling Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  3. 7. Download the latest Driver in your Printer.

Try to make your Printer IP address a static from CMD, type ipconfig, press enter and look Default gateway to associate IP address of your Printer.

  1. 8. Try to make your Printer IP Address Static by giving command into Command Prompt

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This is the last step to solve your Wi-Fi connectivity problem. Type “get help” in window search and try to describe your issue with the Microsoft Chabot. Solve your problem by getting suggestions from Microsoft Chabot help.

  1. 9. Type ‘get help’ in your window 10 related this “Why is your Printer not connecting to Wi- Fi or Wireless Connection” problem.

Hope these steps helps to solve your Wireless connectivity problems from your Printer. These IT Advise Troubleshooting guides always able to solve Printer problems without visited by any Printer Technicians. Like always, you can also call to get virtual support from IT Advises Technicians by calling on this Toll Free Phone Number +1(877) 894-5316. You can visit Home page of IT Advises to know more about Blogs.

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